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David's Home Page

Photo and painting by Brenda Ladd

Welcome to Austin-based saxophonist David Chenu's internet home.  Look around, enjoy yourself,  sign up for the mailing list and buy a CD.


6-25-08:  David has a new blog.  Check back regularly for updates and other fun stuff.

3-26-08:  This year David was recommended as a pick for best horn player by the kind folks at the Austin Chronicle for their annual music poll.  Thanks to those that voted David into the top ten again!

10-18-07: Other than David's original music, you can check out these noteworthy new releases which feature David: 
*Chris Vestre's Suburban Life

*TOrcH's Charmed
*Sunshone Still's Ten Cent American Novels

3-19-07:  The DC Ensemble was voted number TWO in the Austin Chronicle Music Awards for 2006-7 in the jazz category.  David was voted number FOUR in the horns category.  Thanks for the support!

2-20-07:  The DC Quartet opened for jazz legend Jack Dejohnette on Feb 26th at the Studio.  See picture on the pictures page of this site.

1-15-07:  "TWO" was chosen as one of the top 10 Texas CD's of 2006 by music critic Jay Trachtenberg in the Austin Chronicle.  Click here for the actual list...  "TWO" was also chosen by Charlie Martin of KOOP radio as one of his favorite Austin-related albums of 2006.  Click here for the list.

12-29-06:  Read the reviews of "TWO" on JazzReview.com, in the Austin Chronicle, and the  Austin Music Magazine!

12-13-06:  Listen to a live recording of the DC Quintet on KUT, 90.5 FM on Dec. 13th, 2006.

2-6-06:  David performed  in Lynyrd Skynyrd's horn section for a couple of performances. 

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Purchase a CD online, or in Austin at End of an Ear Records or Waterloo Records.  You  can also get them directly from the group at a performance. 


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