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The David Chenu Quintet's second CD,“TWO”,  features all original instrumental jazz compositions which draw from a diverse range of styles, from classically infused harmonies to the blues, while staying remarkably melodic and listenable for a jazz record.  "TWO" is mature, introspective and original.  Recorded live in pianist Evan Jacobs’ living room onto analog tape with absolutely no edits, splices or overdubs, “TWO” captures an organic and unadulterated performance rarely heard on modern recordings.  It features Evan Jacobs and Jason Friedrich (Tacks the Boy Disaster), as well as Beau Sample (Cave Catt Sammy, Elana James) and Jacob Wise.

Listen to Estimated Sonic Transfer from "TWO"
Listen to Underneath from "TWO"

REVIEWS of TWO:  JazzReview.com -- December 2006, The Austin Chronicle -- January 26th, 2007, Austin Music Magazine -- Jan/Feb 2007 issue, Austin Monthly Magazine -- Feb 2007 issue, LA Jazz Scene

Listen to David and the quintet performing live on KUT, 90.5 FM on Dec. 13th, 2006 to promote the release of "TWO".

Listen to David playing clarinet with Whit Smith's Hot Jazz Caravan, recorded live in Fairfield, IA on Whit's original tune, It Stops With Me.  9-20-2007

"Young local saxman David Chenu is someone to keep your eye on. If his debut, One, is any indication, he should have a bright future ahead. Most noteworthy are his original compositions, which place him firmly in a modernist mode with an occasional nod to the blues. Chenu proves to be a solid player, well versed in this expressive language. The duet gigs played by Chenu and guitarist Jacob Wise bear fruit here in the compatible interplay that shines throughout the date. With this fine debut, we should eagerly anticipate chapter two."    -Jay Trachtenberg, The Austin Chronicle: Apr. 23rd, 2004


David can also be heard on this CD by  Olivier Giraud's group, Paris 49...

Olivier Giraud, guitar & vocals-Luke Hill, guitar-David Chenu, saxophone & clarinet-
Beau Sample, acoustic bass-Damien Llanes, drums

Check out David's composition, "The Painting" from this album.


David can also be heard on the following recordings:

Sunset, The Glowing City
Sunset, Bright Blue Dream
Sunshone Still, Ten Cent American Novels
What Made Milwaukee Famous, What Doesn't Kill Us
Torch, Charmed
Woode Wood, It's all goo...
Woode Wood, Old Soul
Woode Wood, Be
The Chris Vestre Group, Suburban Life
The Golden Arm Trio, The Tick Tock Club
Luke Hill, Russian Lullaby
Tucker Rountree, Ideas
Tacks the Boy Disaster, Oh Beatrice
Aimee Bobruck, The Safety Match Journal
The Household Names, Picture In My Head
Terry Cavanagh and the Alpine Express, Ja Ja Ja Das ist Lustig
Chris Smith (aka Sunshone Still), Dead Letters
Grupo Fantasma, Movimiento Popular

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